Supercharged DeFi Analytics

parsec provides >30 different components that generate unique & realtime insight
into the DeFi market with expansive and custom functionality you won't find elsewhere

Price Candles

high performance price charts with advanced sub charting. You can chart indicators, fundamental data like lending originations, and fine grained contract data

DeFi Firehose

the go to defi heartbeat, a highly configurable stream of defi market data that includes trades, lp add/rms, lends, borrows, and liquidations

Trades Stream

track trades on a specific pair in realtime as they stream through

Portfolio Tracking

track your nav with fast and multi-account portfolio tracking that also tracks alternative asset locations like lending facilities and staking pools

Liquidations Chart

realtime chart of liquidation prices for on chain shorts/longs

DeFi News Feed

stay up to date on defi with a custom news feed

Correlations Chart

track price correlations of all defi assets

Lending Markets

lending markets overview with rates and utilization stats across >5 different lending facilities

Transaction Watcher

track a contract or wallet addresses transactions realtime

Market Cap Treemap

Visualize DeFi tokens price action by market cap

& 20+ more unique components